About Eeyore




About Me

That’s me, I’m not really a donkey. I’m not a tiger either despite my convincing face-paint and stripy hat. I earned the nickname ‘Eeyore’ while in Laos and it’s stuck like a jizzy mess all over my soiled personality. I was baptised as a donkey on a fishing trip because I failed to see the joy in holding a plastic bottle over the side of a boat, waiting for a slippery stickleback to give my makeshift hook a sloppy blowjob. Since that day I have become more and more like the merry-challenged donkey and I quite enjoy it. As Eeyore says; ‘some days look better upside down’.

About the Website

I started this website simply to keep a record of things but now it’s more a platform of my creative juices, and your juices should you wish to enter a booth, fill up a cup and donate.


The goal is to write something which is fun to read. Hopefully it inspires you to appreciate the small things. I can’t compete with Palin or Parry in terms of discovery and adventure but I can hold them down for the count when it comes to being annoyed by wide-eyed bundles of joy or ‘ridonkulous’ 18 year olds that say I have no ‘game’.



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